Пройдите этот тест, чтобы определить насколько Вам подходит данный курс. В нем мы проверим Ваши знания английской грамматики, профильной лексики, разговорных фраз и общее понимание сферы IT.

Не теряйтесь, если Вы чего-то не знаете и ответите неправильно - значит Вы выучите это на нашем курсе.

Выберите правильные варианты ответов

1. What does he do? He ___ as a web developer.

2. Составьте правильно предложение из данных слов

never meetings He to late is with customers

3. There ___ one laptop and two mobile phones on my desk.

4. Where is Tom? He ___, will be here any minute.

5. How could he do that? I ____ he was a bad person.

6. Составьте правильно вопрос из данных слов

you previous Why your leave did company

7. Yesterday I ___ bad and didn’t go to work.

8. This new system administrator is ___ than our former one.

9. I’m so lazy today. I don’t want to do ___.

10. It is the ____ test I have ever done.

11. When you have some ___ with your computer, you should call Customer Support.

12. My family always bothers me with their computer problems as I’m the only ___ person in the family.

13. Have you tried to restart your computer to ___ the problem?

14. I ___ to speak English better.

15. There are ___ bugs to fix yet, but not as many as we expected.

16. We have to ___ this plan as soon as possible if we want to save our project.

17. ___ he deleted everything we’ve done?!

18. I ___ this issue 5 times today!

19. I ___ for such an opportunity for all my life!

20. I’ve wanted to be a programmer ____ childhood.

21. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite ___ that.

22. Do you understand my idea? No, sorry, I can’t really ___ it.

23. If you ___ work hard, you will not get a promotion.

24. I ___ play computer games, but now I love it!

25. If I knew English better, I __ in Google.

26. I ___ my antivirus when everything crashed.

27. While you ________, I ______ for both of us.

28. This manual ____ by our CEO.

29. You’ve saved the file before closing, _____?

30. Укажите правильный перевод слова launch:

31. They gave up ________ to install that software.

32. All employees _____ wear the uniform.

33. I coped with the task ______.

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